Paamonim and MyTzedakah: a Match Made in Heaven

By: Melissa Bienenfeld

MyTzedakah is proud to partner with the amazing organization Paamonim which aims at helping people achieve financial literacy and stability through counselling and educational programs.

There is a huge gap of knowledge among the general public about how finances and credit work. Unfortunately, many people make decisions that negatively impact their financial well-being over time without much thought. For over 20 years, Paamonim has delivered fundamental money management skills promoting the power of self-help, and independence.

Part of our core educational philosophy is that when building a family budget, we first need to examine values and priorities. In addition to examining family values, we also promote working together with the members of your family to find a common set of priorities. That way, there’s buy-in from each family member and a common goal to work toward achieving.

We are inspired when families prioritize their charitable giving in their budget plans. We see first hand that giving charity has the power to transform a family into active givers, motivating them to more effectively meet their financial goals.

That’s why our partnership with MyTzedakah is so valuable. When we sit down with families to create a budget, we try to keep it simple- and that is exactly what MyTzedakah does for charity. In one place, our families can decide on an amount, donate to the causes they care about, and get one receipt to properly track and report their spending. Having a fund on MyTzedakah simplifies the line item on your budget, and allows for effective planning. Thinking about your financial future is at the cornerstone of our activities, and we love having a tool that enables our families to effectively track their spending, and more importantly, their charitable impact on this world!


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