The MyImpact Project: a MyTzedakah Initiative

By: Carly Friedman

Steve Jobs famously said: “Don’t sell products. Sell dreams”. No one buys a product or signs up for a service only for a specific feature. They sign up because that feature helps them achieve a larger goal.

To put it another way – It’s not just about “what” you’ve built, it’s also about “why” you are building it in the first place.

And so, when we reflect on what we’ve achieved with MyTzedakah, it’s easy to focus on the technicalities of “what” we are building – a slick, online platform that supports frictionless, cause-based giving.

But it’s equally important to focus on our “why”.

We’ve built MyTzedakah to give young people a way to make their impact on the world.

It’s a bold mission, and one that we care deeply about. We believe that we are not just building a product, we’re also promoting a mindset and a paradigm shift to get millennials to understand that they can make a significant impact on meaningful issues.

And it’s this very mission that has led us to develop an exciting new MyTzedakah initiative that we’re calling the MyImpact Project – a series of published features highlighting impactful and inspirational people in our Jewish world. Each week, we’ll highlight someone who has uniquely impacted the Jewish community. We’ll learn about what they do and how they got there. The goal is not just to put a spotlight on these deserving folks and their important work, but also to show that impact comes in many forms and it’s accessible to each of us, if we want to make it happen.

We’e excited to introduce our first feature, Joey Small! Joey is an experienced and passionate Jewish educator and community leader, currently working at FRISCH as the Director of Institutional Advancement. He is passionate about bringing innovation and engagement to the communities he serves.

You can follow the MyImpact Project on our blog. You can also follow us @my_tzedakah and keep an eye on the #MyImpactProject hashtag. Let’s keep making “impact” something that we can all achieve, together.


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